In our offer are GRUNDFOS products - Liquid chemical Dosers and systems including analyzers and controllers for various industrial and municipal purposes. Quality guaranteed No.1 position among the world's top producers of quality that clearly distanced itself from the competition.

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    Conex DIS GConex® DIS-G gas warning system

    The Conex® DIS-G (Dosing Instrumentation Standard-Gas) safety system monitors gas dosing installations and storage rooms.

    Conex DIS CConex® DIS-C conductivity measurement (conductive, inductive)

    The Conex® DIS (Dosing Instrumentation Standard) models are simple, cost-efficient units for amplifying and control. Fitted with a powerful 16-bit microprocessor system and offering a choice of settings, they ensure high water quality while reducing the volumes of chemicals dosed, offering a combination of simplicity and efficiency.

    The Conex® DIS-C measures conductivity in a range of appli­cations from bottle-washing to harsh desalination applica­tions. This is possible because the DIS-C is available with a choice of conductive or inductive cells.

    Conex DIA GConex® DIA-G gas warning system

    The Conex® DIA-G (Dosing Instrumentation Advanced-Gas) safety system monitors gas dosing installations and gas storage rooms.

    Control MPCGrundfos Control MPC is a pump controller designed for controlling and monitoring of up to six Grundfos pumps connected in parallel. All pumps must be of the same pump type and size.

    Grundfos Control MPC is used for controlling and monitoring of booster systems and circulation systems (HEAC). Control MPC is divided into eight groups based on control variants.
    Control MPC consists of a control cabinet with a built-in controller, the CU 351 and all necessary components such as main switch, contactors, IO 351A or -B modules and cabling. In systems with external frequency converters, the frequency converters can be installed in the cabinet.

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